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Larimer Extends Term on Board of Directors for the City Of Orlando's Downtown Arts District

Shanon Larimer, CEO of Orlando-based Larimer & Co. Branding Studios, has extended his term on the board of directors for the Downtown Arts District – operators of CityArts Factory; Downtown's Contemporary Center for the Arts.

Larimer is the immediate past Chairman and will serve a two-year term as the organization makes a major relocation from the century-old Phillips Theater to a 20,000 square-foot Queen Anne Victorian mansion – the oldest building in Downtown Orlando built in 1886. The new facility is undergoing renovations and will open in Q1 2019.

Larimer served as an officer of the organization since 2011, and as chairman from September 2014 through January 2018, leading a 22-member board. Larimer will continue to serve as an advisor to the Chairman, raise funds to support major initiatives and exhibitions, and recruit new board members to continue the Center's mission.

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