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Larimer & Co. Encourages People to 'See the Bigger Picture' in Global Peace Film Festival Creative

Each year, Larimer & Co. supports the Global Peace Film Festival to further our commitment to promoting awareness and positive social change for the betterment of others, our community, and society as a whole.

We recently teamed up with American Portrait Artist, Shelly Mosman, and the beautiful Adva Tamar, to create the featured image for the 2020 Festival, encouraging others to look beyond the surface and see the bigger picture. Below is the untouched portrait used across all marketing channels to promote the Festival. We see it as a masterpiece!

With the help of the generous support of their sponsors, the Global Peace Film Festival can now be experienced locally, globally, in-person and online. This year, we invite everyone to tune-in and watch with us at

To learn more about the artist, Shelly Mosman, visit


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